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Triple Arrow Fleet

Vessel Name
CAMELLIA BLISS 81,896 43,006 Singapore Panamax Bulker 2015
SUNSHINE BLISS 76,441 40,070 Singapore Panamax Bulker 2010
ETERNAL BLISS 82,07143,024SingaporePanamax Bulker2010
IRIS BLISS 82,198 43,814SingaporePanamax Bulker 2016
PINNACLE BLISS 76,34740,070SingaporePanamax Bulker2011
OKEANOS BLISS 76,63639,737PanamaPanamax Bulker2008
MARINA BLISS 82,14043,024SingaporePanamax Bulker2013
SHINING BLISS 81,99643,007SingaporePanamax Bulker2014
SEA TRIUMPH 181,415 92,752PanamaCape Size Bulker2012
ERIA COLOSSUS 55,41130,811PanamaHandymax Bulker2008
CALYPSO COLOSSUS 55,42930,811SingaporeHandymax Bulker2009
LUISIA COLOSSUS 55,44530,811PanamaHandymax Bulker2010
OCEAN COLOSSUS 58,83133,096SingaporeHandymax Bulker2010
IPSEA COLOSSUS 58,81833,096SingaporeHandymax Bulker2011
STENIA COLOSSUS 58,731 33,096 SingaporeHandymax Bulker2011
CAMBRIA COLOSSUS 58,84933,096SingaporeHandymax Bulker2011
VIRGO COLOSSUS 61,61633,922PanamaHandymax Bulker2012
BELLINA COLOSSUS 60,89333,990 SingaporeHandymax Bulker2013
CLOVER COLOSSUS 55,86731,545SingaporeHandymax Bulker2015
LION CITY RIVER 105,86556,347 SingaporeAframax Tanker2007
CSK SHELTON 106,02959,834SingaporeAframax Tanker2005
SENTOSA RIVER 115,14659,258SingaporeAframax Tanker2008
SINGAPORE RIVER (EX.OASIS RIVER) 115,12659,258SingaporeAframax Tanker 2009
GENUINE GALAXY 33,59119,899SingaporeChemical Tanker2012
GENUINE HERCULES 33,55919,899SingaporeChemical Tanker2013
GENUINE VENUS 33,55219,899SingaporeChemical Tanker2013

Note: Information updated as at 01 Jan 2016.

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