Eco Change Maker

We believe that awareness creation is of upmost importance. Notwithstanding the Safe Management Measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed towards the spreading of Green Initiatives awareness. This year, we have decided to present the inaugural Eco- Change Maker Award to staff who had made exceptional efforts and contributions to our Drive Green Initiatives and we are delighted to announce that there are a total of 14 recipients.

Ang Ai Ling
It is a pleasant surprise to receive the Eco-Change Maker Award for our Green video contribution. I actually enjoyed the video making process, which involved participation of the family members, as we discussed how to make a meaningful video. In my particular video, I had a good opportunity to educate my kids on the benefits of planting and they realised that there were actually quite a number of useful plants in our little garden. In line with the Company’s continuous efforts to promote Green awareness at corporate and personal level, I have become more conscious in the practice of 3 Rs and this has also positively influenced my family’s green habits and awareness. Each of us doing our part in small ways, but together, they bring huge differences to the environment!
Ben Lim
Thanks for this award. I am truly honored to receive it.
When we are going green to protect our environment, sustainability is one of the key strategies. Therefore, I will be tirelessly practicing my pledges from time to time as small contributions from my part.

Every little bit counts!
Bernard Ng
I would like to thank the Management in selecting me as one of the recipients for Eco-Change Maker Award.
I am honored to receive this recognition award which I do believe every other stand an equal opportunity to receive. Being a committee member and participated in Drive Green activities organised by the Company, I cannot deny this have changed me. Green vision has unconsciously started to run within. I started paying more attention to Green effort while doing grocery and performing daily activities.

If you have not, you can start doing your part today!
Sim Jia Xing
2020 has not been easy for the shipping industry amidst all the regulation changes we have to deal with globally.
Despite the challenges faced, KLPL has kept a strong emphasis to pursue its goals set in the Drive Green initiative which is commendable.
Having been in the committee for less than half a year, I have gained new knowledge on how KLPL and other companies take their approach to achieve a greener, cleaner future. It is interesting to see unique statistics that determine an organisation’s efforts, which took a while for me to digest initially. However, with the guidance form the committee, I was able tounderstand these a little better.

To receive the Eco-Change Maker Award is not to say that we are at the end of this journey. We must continue to strive and seek new possibilities to achieve our goals set out for a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. Not just for the shipping industry, but for the world as well.
Siow Kim Bok
Thank you for the Eco-Change Maker Award, which was a pleasant surprise to have received it as we were not expecting anything when making the video.
I hope that with the compilation of the various videos, we can collectively create even more Go green awareness, so that all members of KLPL will be motivated to make even bigger progress in 2021 in terms of Green initiatives, including with our business partners.

Let’s hope KLPL can receive the Excellent Award from K Ling Group in 2021!!!
Tan Teck Chuan
I am happy to receive the “Eco Change Maker Award”.and will continue my green effort on regular basis.

Hope my video will encourage more people use eco-green public transport!
Desphine Tan
Developing an eco-conscious organisation begins with every one of us in KLPL. All of us play an equally important role in supporting mindfulness around sustainability. We can practice environmentally friendly habits by making small changes; such as using a reusable mug for coffee takeaways, doing away with plastic straws, reduce by reusing, etc. One’s effort is never too small to make a change.
Edmund Goh
I am honored to receive this award and proud to an Eco Change Maker to promote and encourage our Drive Green initiatives. This recognition is neither the epitome nor the end of sustainability journey. But it is the beginning of our bigger role in contributing towards spreading the best practices, instigating dialogues and to inspire others to assimilate into our Drive Green culture. This award has certainly given us added encouragement and confidence to move forward in strengthening our Go-Green practices and activities.

With the recycling mentality and the on-going Green initiatives at Workplace – promote awareness of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), helping us to understand the impact of recycling on climate change and the environment, I learn to pay a closer attention to look for any items that are still in usable condition and consider giving it away or donating to charity and recycling drives. I am also committed to replace discarding to recycling for upcycling, giving my pre-loved clothes and shoes a new lease of life by dropping them to nearby recycling box where items will be sorted into reusable and recyclables. By doing so, we can make a positive and significant impact on environment!

We could not afford to carry out all these Green activities in silos, and I urged everyone’s efforts to make a difference and show commitment towards adopting a more environment friendly practices in our daily lives.
Fabian Koh
2020 is a challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to adjust and adapt to current situation and I am glad that this did not create any hindrances to our Green Initiative activities conducted in KLPL. While some activities were put on hold, we push through and seek other alternatives that still carries the Green Initiative mission. The various awareness creation activities have influence me for the better, which I have been doing at home, from just recycling old newspaper, to using reusable containers for takeaways and bringing own water bottle instead of buying one-time use PET bottled Water when heading out. Furthermore, I have also cultivated proper recycling habits when recycling glass and plastics.

It is my honor to be selected as one of the recipients for the Eco-Change Award. Let’s strive to create more awareness together!
Florence Lee
It was a pleasant surprise to have received the Eco-Change Maker Award Certificate from the Company. It will serve as a constant reminder to do more of “green’ activities, be it in office or at home, where I will be more than happy to share my experiences. Looking forward to more green activities such as Corporate Tree Planting for this year and will try to be more sustainable in 2021 by reducing plastic waste, using reusable containers, reduce paper usage, cut down food wastage and replace more climate friendly electrical appliance. I encourage all to do your part to reduce Co2 emission so that we can all enjoy a more Beautiful, Cleaner Ocean and Clear Blue Sky!
Higono Toshifumi
I am delighted to receive the Eco-Change Maker Award. My next goal is to get new businesses from our customers that are environmentally friendly. I will do my best.”
Jane Liu
I am very pleased and honored to receive this award.
I very much appreciate Hashizume-san and DGI division for the green initiative thoughts and well-organised green activities. Also, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the people who make this activity successful. I will continue to give my best effort to create more awareness and drive for a greener environment.

Let’s face up to new challenges fearlessly and move forward together for KLPL’s sustainable future.
Thank you.
Joanna Chow
Thank you “K” Line for the Eco-Change Maker Award. When I made the video, I was only intending to share my gardening with edibles journey with our fellow colleagues. To receive this Eco-Change Maker Award was truly unexpected and I am honoured to be one of the recipients. I hope by sharing my journey, I can do my part towards a more sustainable living. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see some of you in this journey too!
Sam Mei Fong
At first, I thought going green is a difficult thing to achieve. However, it is not as difficult as I thought if we get our mindset correct. I began my go green initiatives by bringing my own container when buying food and bring recycle shopping bag when doing grocery shopping. Global warming is a serious problem and getting more and more attention. We should do our part to save the earth. Let’s protect our beautiful environment and pass it on to the next generation.