Champion of Change

Ms Florence Lee

I am deeply honored to receive this Award. It is a testament of our efforts to effect a Positive Change in a new KLPL, post container era.

As Division Head of KSP Administration & Human Resources, I am glad I was able to rally our KSP and KSPI colleagues to assimilate into the new KLPL smoothly in April 2018. Upon transfer to KLPL, I was tasked to oversee Information Technology (ITD) and Digitalization & Green Initiative (DGI) Departments in addition to my portfolio in GAD ADM Division. It was not an easy task overseeing ITD and DGI in view of my lack of relevant experience in these 2 new areas. There are many challenges and how do we assist KLPL on her road to a more digitalized platform. With the kind support and co-operation of all involved KLPL staff, we are able to see our RAS (Receipt System) & IMS (Invoice Management System) being rolled out. KLPL has also received very positive feedback from EMG (Environment Management Group, Tokyo) on our green initiatives and efforts.
Thank you to all team members who were involved in the projects and this award would not have been possible without the open mind, teamwork and the willingness to accept change from all of you. Many projects are in the pipeline and I sincerely seek everyone’s continuous co-operation in our journey of digitalization and green movement.

As the Chinese saying goes : “活到老,学到老”, it is never too old for me to learn new things and accept changes. Often, we need to move out of our comfort zone so that we can see things from a different perspective and live a more fulfilled career and life.

Thank you to the Management for this award and I want to share this award with everyone in KLPL for they are the catalysts of change.

Other members

Mr Siow Kim Bok

I joined “K” Line Pte Ltd on 1st Feb 2001 with Trade Management Division (TMD) and started off as an Executive handling Latin America Trade.

Mr Fabian Koh

I was seconded to 1Stop Docentre Sdn. Bhd. from KSP in March 2006 to manage and ensure that operations is running smoothly.

Mr Tan Teck Chuan

I started my journey in KLPL in June 2002, 1 year after KLPL was established, as a young Trade executive in the new...