About Us

Our Global Office Network

For nearly a century, we have established our global presence across first-class trading hubs around the world through a vast network of “K” Line Group offices. Today, as Singapore serves as a major transhipment port and a global operations centre, we continue to foster our proven track record in utilising our fleet capacity in ports around Middle East, Oceania, South Africa, India, China and South Asia.

Our Business Divisions


Administrative Division

  • Accounting, Finance & Taxation
  • Human Resources
  • General Administration
  • Corporate & Legal Risk Compliance
  • IT Infrastructure & Support
  • Sustainability


Agency Division

  • Vessel Husbanding
  • Works with Car Carrier Operations
  • Sales and Customer Relations


Bulker & Tanker Divisions

  • Bulk
  • Energy
  • Tanker


Car Carrier Group

  • Manages Asia Automobile Terminal Singapore
  • Performs damage prevention activities
  • Ensures seamless port operations via port captains


Marine Division

  • Point of contact for marine incidents
  • Ensure compliance to international environmental standards
  • Conduct sea trials before vessel delivery to owners