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Spurred by the increasing demand for raw materials by emerging economies such as China and India, “K” Line has recognized the growing shipping requirement in the dry bulk sector. Developing on the wealth of experience amassed by of our parent company as an owner-operator, the commencement of the dry bulk division in Singapore in 2002 positions “K” Line at the exciting forefront of growth in Asia. Equipped with a modern dry bulk fleet and a passionate team managing the technical and commercial function, “K” Line is ever ready to service the needs of our customers and forge new partnerships in the shipping community.

“K” Line’s dry bulk fleet spans various ship size categories, from Capesize to the Supramaxes. This allows us the flexibility to tailor our shipping service to different capacity and cargo-handling requirements. As of 1 April 2020, we own 6 Singapore-flagged Panamax and 4 Singapore-flagged Supramax bulkers. Including period chartered-in tonnage, we operate in total 1 Capesize, 10 Panamax and 5 Supramax bulkers.

With the expertise of shipping a diverse portfolio of commodities, we have established several expansive COAs with leading industry partners over the years. Cargo we have transported include:

“MV Bellina Colossus”
TypeSupramax Bulker

Main trading routes we service

Australia to the
Middle East
Middle East to India / South East Asia
Indonesia to Thailand / the Philippines / Vietnam
East Coast South America to China
Australia to the
Far East
We believe in immense growth potential in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. With a long history of continuing operating experience, we have the utmost confidence in expanding our presence in the region and become an indispensable marine transport solution provider of raw materials & commodities.


SHINNING BLISS81,99643,007SingaporePanamax Size Bulker2014
CAMELLIA BLISS81,89643,006SingaporeKamsarmax Size Bulker2015
CLOVER COLOSSUS55,86731,545SingaporeSupramax Bulker2015
STENIA COLOSSUS58,73133,096SingaporeSupramax Bulker2011
IPSEA COLOSSUS58,81833,096SingaporeSupramax Bulker2011
ROYAL BLISS82,04943,342SingaporePanamax Size Bulker2017
SUNSHINE BLISS76,44140,070SingaporePanamax Size Bulker2010
ETERNAL BLISS82,07143,024SingaporePanamax Size Bulker2010
MARINA BLISS82,14043,024SingaporePanamax Size Bulker2013
IRIS BLISS82,19843,814SingaporePanamax Size Bulker2016
BELLINA COLOSSUS60,89333,990SingaporeSupramax Bulker2013
ALBION BAY58,75533,232PanamaSupramax Bulker2011
BRITAIN BAY58,70933,126PanamaSupramax Bulker2012
CLIFTON BAY58,62833,126PanamaSupramax Bulker2012
DEVON BAY56,09531,756PanamaSupramax Bulker2013
EUROPA BAY58,60633,126PanamaSupramax Bulker2013
FALMOUTH BAY58,61633,126PanamaSupramax Bulker2014

Note: Information updated as of 2023.

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