Reminder: Beware of suspicious website engaging in fraudulent solicitation using our company name “K” LINE

A suspicious fraudulent website using our corporate logo and images of our vessels without our permission has been reported.

The site attempts to solicit investment in each of the “K” LINE businesses; however, “K” LINE and the “K” LINE Group will NEVER solicit such investments through our website, and there is no connection between the suspicious website and “K” LINE.

Accordingly, please take care not to access any suspicious websites resembling “K” LINE and provide any personal information.


This was first reported on 15 FEB 2023:


As a precautionary, please take note again. We thank you for your alertness and vigilance.

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Dear customers, service providers and stakeholders, Wishing you Success & Prosperity in the Year of the Dragon.


As of GMT+8 1600 HRS, KLPL has concluded the emergency drill.


We would like to inform you that KLPL is currently conducting an emergency drill as part of our commitment to safety. 


With the coming festive season and year-end holidays, please take note of the following operating hours during this period