Our Vision

To enrich the lives of people around the world through maritime shipping

Our Mission

As a Global Leader in the Maritime Transport Industry strive to continue to deliver reliable and sustainable marine transportation and logistics solutions


Protecting the environment

KLPL’s key environmental goals are to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and maintain high safety standards to ensure our business operations do not negatively impact the environment and global biodiversity (land, air or ocean). We aim to be the industry leader in ecosystem protection and support the decarbonization of society by facilitating the supply and transportation of clean energy fuels.

Advancing societies

Our social goals are to ensure we provide a safe, inclusive and culturally diverse working environment where all employees are respected and are rewarded fairly and according to merit. In addition to offering such a working place in Singapore, we aim to positively contribute to local communities through philanthropic activities and offering our time and expertise to local community- based projects. We aim to uphold the same ethical standards throughout our supply chain both upstream (our suppliers) and downstream (our customers).

Practising responsible governance

We seek to maintain an environment of trust, transparency and accountability within KLPL’s operations. To this end, we apply rigorous standards regarding legal compliance relevant to all regions in which we operate, and all staff and Board members adhere to a strict Charter of Conduct, including a strict anti-corruption and data protection policy and principles of corporate ethics. We also implemented a risk management system and business continuity plan.

Achievements towards lowering of carbon emissions

“K” LINE PTE LTD has been a active contributor to Drive Green Network (DGN) since 2019.

Find out more about DGN here: “K” LINE group DGN announcement



For all of us here at “K” Line, true industry-leading customer experience isn’t a vision. It’s a passion. A passion for our customers whose business is dependent on moving the right products to the right market at the right time. We leverage on technology to help us deliver affordable and reliable energy that fuels human progress and economic growth around the world.

Further, our commitment to sustainability is integrated throughout our business as we strive to protect the environment, empower people, and get results the right way—today and tomorrow. Working to deliver the energy the world needs while protecting the environment.

We strive to empower people around the world to improve their lives and meet their full potential. This effort includes promoting diversity & inclusion, creating prosperity, respecting human rights and contributing to the SDGs in the communities where we operate.

Lastly, the principles of responsibility, trust and integrity guide our actions and shape our operations. We prioritise culture, pursue operational excellence and advance corporate governance. We are “K” Line, ensuring trust from all over the world.

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Navigating Towards Sustainability

We are pleased to present KLPL’s first sustainability report. This report (the “report”) builds on KLPL’s ESG Framework. The report covers KLPL’s environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) performance for the period 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021 (“FY2021”), covering all business operations unless stated otherwise. We have drawn references from our parent company “K” LINE Group’s ESG policies and targets relevant to our operations.

This report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Standards: Core option. In addition, we have referred to the SASB Marine Transportation Standard. We have also aligned the report with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) to indicate KLPL’s contribution and commitment to achieving the SDGs.

We have followed GRI’s reporting principles to identify, assess, prioritise and validate material topics for reporting. In developing the report, we have considered stakeholder expectations, the sustainability context relevant to KLPL, ESG risks and opportunities and broad sustainability trends in our industry.

We have applied GRI’s principles of accuracy, balance, clarity, comparability, reliability and timeliness to ensure report content quality. We have relied on data extracted from primary official records to ensure accuracy and consistency. We have provided previous years’ ESG performance data to enable comparison over time in most instances.

We have reported our ESG performance data in good faith and to the best of our knowledge. We have an internal mechanism for verifying our ESG data for accuracy and reliability. We did not seek external assurance for this report.


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Our homepage carbon footprint

As part of our commitment towards sustainability, we are benchmarking our homepage CO2 emission via 

We would do a tally of CO2 emitted with the total number of views completed on the homepage and purchase carbon offsets. We aim to be as environmentally as possible. We will also review the homepage hosting services upon renewal and migrate to a webhost that are committed to green hosting. At the moment, our current webhost are committing towards greener operations.

Statistics are tracked by privacy focused Koko Analytics.

Total CO2 emitted by our website (Since AUG 2023).
0 Kg of CO2

As of DEC 2023, we decided to make progress towards a Net Zero Website. We chose to use Tree-Nation as they have a easy to understand widget and we invite you to visit KLPL Forest Page

This widget helps to plant a tree every time someone visits our homepage. We would at the minimum plant 1:1 ratio as reported on our KLPL Forest Page.

External Certification


We display the certificates that we have obtained. Some are offsets, while some are proof of what we’ve done.

We think it is of utmost importance to take steps, one at a time, towards achieving our goals. Some certificates may look insignificant towards the larger end goal, but it all adds up.

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Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) and Nippon Gas Line Co., Ltd. (Nippon Gas Line) are pleased to announce the agreement to establish a marketing company for the purpose of providing the seamless and efficient integrated liquefied CO2 transportation service for carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) projects over the boundaries. 


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The signing ceremony for bare boat charter and time charter contracts for two 7,500m3 liquefied CO2 ships between Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) and Northern Lights JV DA was held in Stavanger, Norway on 10th February 2023.